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Segmentation Base Model

What is SAM-CLIP?

SAM-CLIP uses the Segment Anything Model to identify objects in an image and assign labels to each image. Then, CLIP is used to find masks that are related to the given prompt.


To use the SAM-CLIP base model, you will need to install the following dependency:

pip3 install autodistill-sam-clip


from autodistill_sam_clip import SAMCLIP
from autodistill.detection import CaptionOntology

# define an ontology to map class names to our CLIP prompt
# the ontology dictionary has the format {caption: class}
# where caption is the prompt sent to the base model, and class is the label that will
# be saved for that caption in the generated annotations
# then, load the model
base_model = SAMCLIP(ontology=CaptionOntology({"shipping container": "container"}))

# label all images in a folder called `context_images`
base_model.label("./context_images", extension=".jpeg")