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Object Detection Target Model

What is YOLO-NAS?

YOLO-NAS is an object detection model developed by Deci AI.

You can use autodistill to train a YOLO-NAS object detection model on a dataset of labelled images generated by the base models that autodistill supports.

Read the full Autodistill documentation.

Read the YOLO-NAS Autodistill documentation.


To use the YOLO-NAS target model, you will need to install the following dependency:

pip3 install autodistill-yolonas


from autodistill_yolonas import YOLONAS

target_model = YOLONAS()

# train a model
# specify the directory where your annotations (in YOLO format) are stored
target_model.train("./context_images_labeled", epochs=20)

# run inference on the new model
pred = target_model.predict("./context_images_labeled/train/images/dog-7.jpg", confidence=0.01)


The YOLO-NAS model is licensed under the YOLO-NAS License.