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Text Classification Target Model

What is SetFit?

SetFit is a framework for fine-tuning Sentence Transformer models with a few examples of each class on which you want to train. SetFit is developed by Hugging Face.


To use the SetFit target model, you will need to install the following dependency:

pip3 install autodistill-setfit


The SetFit module takes in .jsonl files and trains a text classification model.

Each record in the JSONL file should have an entry called text that contains the text to be classified. The label entry should contain the ground truth label for the text. This format is returned by Autodistill base text classification models like the GPTClassifier.

Here is an example entry of a record used to train a research paper subject classifier:

{"title": "CC-GPX: Extracting High-Quality Annotated Geospatial Data from Common Crawl", "content": "arXiv:2405.11039v1 Announce Type: new \nAbstract: The Common Crawl (CC) corpus....", "classification": "natural language processing"}
from autodistill_setfit import SetFitModel

target_model = SetFitModel()

# train a model
target_model.train("./data.jsonl", output="model", epochs=5)

target_model = SetFitModel("model")

# run inference on the new model
pred = target_model.predict("Geospatial data.")

# geospatial